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For all you stressed out picture coordinators who have the unenviable task of organizing picture day for your club, help is here. Picture Pro Photography is staffed by veteran sports photographers and customer service staff that will make your life a lot easier. Picture Pro Photography based in two locations in Wisconsin and we have been winning loyal organizations by providing superior customer service, excellent photography and making picture day easy.

Many of you probably know John Kronshcnabl he has been conducting photo shoots for years and has learned the best and most efficient way or organize picture day through trial and error. John handles the customer service end of the business and lines up picture shoots. But more importantly John works with the picture coordinator through the whole process from envelope distribution to scheduling and finally picture day.

One of the amazing things about Picture Pro’s photo shoots is that we run on time. That’s a big deal, because kids get impatient to warm up or play their games and if you have been to many picture day shoots you know what I’m talking about. The usual scene is unruly kids, just being kids, but it chaos and stressful for the kids, the coaches and most of all for the picture coordinator. They are told to get there early and they do, but the photographers are running forty five minutes late so the coaches try to help by having the players drill or throw balls, but to make an 8 year old wait ten minutes is hard, let alone fourty five. But this is a thing of the past. Picture Pro works with the organization so everybody is on the same page and whole thing runs like clockwork. If a team is scheduled for 2:10 they are on their way by 2:20 and our shoots go like that all day.

Picture coordinators need help organizing a picture day, for many of them this might be their first year as a volunteer coordinator, so they have no idea what to do. Weeks before the shoot day we send them an informative flyer that walks them through the whole processes and gets them thinking about the whole thing. So when picture day comes they know what to expect from us and what they need to organize and the whole thing goes like clock work. Plus the picture coordinators are encouraged to call Picture Pro with any question, any time, any day.

The failing of so many photographers is that they expect the organization to handle everything and all they have to do is just show up and take pictures. The difference with Picture Pro is that all of our photographers are trained to pose teams in a professional manner, so they look like a team and not a snapshot. Most of our photographers have been in sports photography for years if not decades and what really makes a difference is they are owners of this company. Picture Pro is an employee owned company, so each employee is empowered to do what it takes to make the organization, the families, players and coaches happy. Plus each shoot has a customer service person there to help the photographers, work with the picture coordinator and answer questions that the parents might have about products, delivery time and so on. It’s this hand and hand approach that has made Picture Pro so well liked by their customers.

From a technical standpoint we are cutting edge. The photographers all shoot with the latest digital equipment and the lab is state-of-the-art and we print the pictures only on professional grade Kodak Supra Endura paper. That’s the same stuff most wedding photographers use, not the lesser consumer grade paper that most of our competitors print on. It makes a difference too, the blacks are truly black and not gray, plus the colors really pop; it makes for some great pictures.

When asked John summed the whole thing up to education, “so everybody, the organization, photographers, coaches and the players are prepared and they know what to expect when it’s their turn. The customer service person even gives a brief demonstration of possible poses to the players, so they can think about what they want to do so when it is their turn so everything speeds along. The photographers work in teams of two, one taking individual pictures and the other taking team pictures. These teams of photographer can be grouped using several teams at a large shoot or only one team at a smaller shoot, it allows for a lot of flexibility. We can take pictures for small organization or huge organization and we have had as many as five simultaneous shoots going on in different parts of the state. This allows Picture Pro to handle organization for 60 to 3,000 players without breaking a sweat.”

Picture Pro also treats the organization and coaches well. We provide a generous percentage of sales refunded to the organization or team sponsorship and all of the coaches and assistant coaches get complimentary team or coach/child pictures. Plus we can provide beautiful walnut plaques to present to coaches or sponsors; happy customers that what it all about.

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